A DevOps engineer’s roles and responsibilities are a combination of technical and management roles. It is essential to have excellent communication and coordination skills to successfully integrate various functions in a coordinated manner and deliver the responsibilities to the customer’s satisfaction.

The DevOps engineer’s responsibilities are multi-prong – they need to be agile enough to wear a technical hat and manage operations simultaneously.

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Design, enable, and deliver scalable and automated strategy – Infrastructure-As-Code
  • Build DevOps roadmap for the organisation and drive teams towards the same.
  • Enable the “DevOps” mindset into the organisation by working collaboratively with the Dev and operations team.
  • Ensure appropriate CI/CD pipelines are built and executed with automation and utilisation of appropriate DevOps tools – on both Cloud and on premise infrastructure.
  • Design, develop, and support all AWS activities for our environments.
  • Ability to install and configure software, perform debugging writing scripts and running diagnostics.
  • Advanced knowledge of best practices for data encryption and cybersecurity.
  • Expert level in automated builds and deployments across multiple tool sets.
  • Dedicated Servers maintenance and local Data centre maintenance inducing GPUs, SAN server and storage boxes
  • Troubleshooting any issue and to keep sure that system is up and running and development teams are not facing any delay
  • Configuration of web servers, security policies implementations
  • Scalability of the architecture, and resolving limitations in scalability

Education & Experience Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering or related field or equivalent combination of education and experience
  • A minimum of 5 years of experience
  • Strong programming skills to write algorithms and logic in tools in bash scripting such as some backup scripts
  • In depth understanding of GCP cloud services, console and cloud API, dedicated servers, bare metal hardware maintenance
  • Automation of deployment, building deployment pipelines with appropriate testing procedures.
  • Deployment of services on GPU machines, SAN Server, Storage Box and managing/monitoring resources. Experience with building CI/CD pipelines using tools like Jenkins.
  • Web Server configuration, tuning, and optimization, such as Nginx, apache
  • Experience with container orchestration using docker. Kubernetes knowledge would be plus
  • Good understanding of applications deployment, like PHP, JS python, node base applications
  • Itch to optimise things proactively.
  • Good understanding of computational time/space complexity and data structures/algorithms to use to optimise the system.
  • Proficient in tools for logging, alerting and monitoring cloud infrastructure, services and performance. Such as grafana, ELK stack
  • Experience with Continuous Integration/ Deployment mechanism using Jenkins, Nexus, Docker Registry, Gitlab, Ansible/Terraform.
  • Good Knowledge of SaaS, Cloud Infrastructure, and other enterprise-related technologies (AWS).
  • Experience with AWS and Google Cloud.
  • Experience with Container orchestration (Kubernetes).
  • Strong scripting skills (Shell scripting, Git and Git workflows)
  • Strong knowledge of Unix-based systems.
  • Experience with version control (Git).
  • Deployment and configuration tools (Ansible, Chef, Puppet, etc.)
  • Experience in developing Continuous Integration/ Continuous Delivery pipelines (CI/ CD)
  • Working knowledge of networking technologies such as switching, routing, firewalls, and load balancing for high-performance highly-available web applications.
  • Extensive knowledge of custom firewalls, (IP Tables) and Networking or network related issues
  • Extensive knowledge of the security policies and implementations
  • Database deployments, backups, and PITRs and optimization knowledge, PGSQL, MongoDB and MySQL experience is a must.
  • Good learning and R&D skills

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